That new book smell…

I got sent my first advance copy of The Downton Chronicles. It was kind of strange this time around because what with absurdly tight deadlines and various holidays, I missed seeing the final final proofs, so there were a few captions and small changes I hadn’t seen before it went to press. It’s not the kind of lack of control I like much, but fortunately, having done a book with Helen Wedgewood of HarperCollins before, I knew that it would be in safe hands. So, I’m happy with it. Julian Fellowes (my uncle, not my husband, not my father, for those who do not yet know) has written a great foreword, very personal. 

Reading a book that has been produced in such a small turnaround time can feel like going over one’s exam papers after the event – you can hardly believe you knew all that stuff once and got it down in black and white. But there it is and with my name on it, so it must be mine. 

It comes out in the UK next Thurs, September 13, and in the USA on November 13. So there’s a fair bit of PR to do and then the real test will come… the Amazon reader reviews. 

Fingers crossed. Image


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