Downton Abbey trailer…#countdownton #downtonfever

lady-maryApologies to those in other territories around the world but here in Britain, Downton fever has started ramping up. This weekend finally saw the release of the trailer for series four and it’s living up to the promise on the strength of this montage. As we’d expect, there are tears, kisses, a fair-but-stern line from Violet, the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) and gorgeous dresses. But there’s also a generous sprinkling of new characters – of whom perhaps one or two may be potential new suitors for Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and, as we head further into the racy 1920s, there’s a loosening of the stays with jazz and the naughty Lady Rose getting a starring role.

So, I’m excited. When the show kicks off proper, I’ll be live-tweeting during the episodes to explain historical elements or just point and laugh at any characters I recognise as having taken inspiration from the Fellowes family. The series will begin six months after Matthew’s death, near the end of 1922, and beyond that I cannot say any more. But rest assured, as soon as I can – I will! Discussions of the characters, storylines and historical context will be found here and on Twitter. I’m also doing some more talks in London and the US – see the Calendar for more details. And in the meantime, you might like to pop along to Bampton, the real-life Oxfordshire village that serves as the location for Downton – I’ve just opened an exhibition there showing some of the costumes from the show, which is on for a month. See more here: West Ox Arts.

For a Downton fix now, you can watch the trailer HERE.



3 thoughts on “Downton Abbey trailer…#countdownton #downtonfever

  1. I only wish that we in the States were watching at the same time. The time difference would be brutal but is there any chance of either live or delayed tweeting when the series airs here? Maybe there could be a collection of tweets for each episode that we could access while watching here. Kind thanks for all of this and have a marvelous autumn. Best, Terry

    • We ALL wish it! I am definitely going to try and work something out re tweeting when it’s on air in the US – I shall try and at least save them and see if I can make it work one way or t’other. Thanks for reading, Terry, as ever.

      • I’ll definitely be watching and if I can help by retweeting or facilitating in any way please let me know. I apologize for being presumptuous and know you you will have this covered but I’ll be participating regardless! Cheers, Jessica!

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