Downton Abbey….to be continued…?

As I write this, the final episode of the sixth season of ‘Downton Abbey’ is soon to be aired in the US. I’ll be heading over there, to celebrate – or should that be, commiserate? – with the guests of KCTS9, the PBS station for Seattle. I’ve only just come back from a gigantic tour of America, which took in California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Massachusetts. Over the course of a month, I talked for a total of around fifteen hours about Downton, dishing out the real-life inspiration behind the show, the backstage secrets and revealed what Dame Maggie Smith is really like…But while I hope I entertained the audiences and fans wherever I went, the truth is that for me, it’s wonderful to see how my uncle’s show has touched so many different people – whether it’s enjoying the costumes, the English countryside or the sheer drama of the Crawley family, there seems to be something for absolutely everyone.

We’re all waiting with bated breath to hear whether there will be ‘Downton Abbey – The Movie’… but in the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my books (Downton Abbey: A Celebration looks at all six seasons, with cast interviews, episode guides and a peek inside every location), kick back with a box-set or even book me to come to you for a talk. Here are some highlights from the recent tour.

Jessica xxx



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