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A Year In The Life of Downton Abbey

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9 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Dearest Jessica, Thank you for Downton Abbey. Please write a book for us-“The Wit & Wisdom of the Dowager Countess Violet Grantham” I know it would be a Best Seller in the UK & USA. Thank you. Brenda Stonehouse

  2. Dear Jessica,

    There are two things I want to talk with you about: a worthy male lead for Downton Abbey, and a more cross-cultural context for the show, even in a minor way.

    It’s just that I thought somebody really needs to make sure we have a qualified actor to replace D.S.’s Mathew. I’m sure there is plenty of time to determine if the current prospects fill the bill, but on the face of it, I don’t really see experience and skill, though I like Julian Ovenden’s bhav and humor very much. My favorite British actors from the past have been Paul Scofield, and then maybe, years later, Ralph Fiennes (sp?).

    Obviously, Michelle Dockery is a widely recognized and admired talent now. She deserves to play opposite someone with at least equal skill. Or else she should leave I’d say. Okay, looking at who’s out there now of the right age, it’s got to be someone with the acting chops of at least a Tom Hiddleston (they were lovely together in the Time piece) for example. But not necessarily him (and I know he is otherwise engaged).

    My other keen wish for the show is that there be broader reference to the world at large, perhaps in conjunction with British possessions at the time. I was thrilled at the mention of the Scottish relative (Shrimpy?) going to be an ambassador or something in India, for example. But I have no idea whether Rose’s parents even figure in this year’s series.

    Just some thoughts, and if these ideas don’t work for Downton Abbey, I know you’re a writer and maybe they’ll inspire the development of something of yours.

    Anyway, thank you and best wishes,

  3. In one of the Downton books your uncle wrote that Daisy “would have had a difficult childhood”. What did he mean by that? Was he implying sexual abuse or just a life of being unloved, living in an overcrowded house with little food, etc? Daisy herself said in one episode that in all her childhood, she never had someone she could always trust, which sort of seems to imply sexual abuse, so I’m hoping you can clear this up.

  4. please tell Sir Julian Fellowes I adore him….and so greatly admire his talents, not just for Downton Abbey but for his other works as well….thank you

  5. Hi Jessica, we spoke on Facebook during Joanna Campbell Slan’s ‘tea party’ – I wanted to contact you to find out if we could interview you on our new ‘Spotlight On…’ page on Hope to hear from you, soon. Helen.

    • Hi Helen – absolutely, very happy to do an interview. Tried to contact you through your blog but can’t see an email address. Please do write to me at jess at jessicafellowes dot com

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