Welcome to the official website of Jessica Fellowes, author and speaker. Here you’ll find details of my books and talks, links to articles, reviews and television interviews. If you’d like to book me for an event of your own, you can find the details on how to do so here: Jessica Fellowes Speaker Information & Contact Details.

For the latest news on events, click here.

In particular, you can find out more about my latest book, ‘The Wit & Wisdom of Downton Abbey’, a fun collection of my favourite quotes and some great full-colour photographs, published in the UK now (in US and Canada on Oct 13). It’s my fourth official companion book to the hit show, which was created and written by my uncle, Julian Fellowes. Out on November 10 in the UK and US will be ‘Downton Abbey: A Celebration’, a sumptuous, glossy review of all six series, exploring the show through the locations – at home with the family and behind the green baize door. The book also includes interviews with the cast, and full episode guides.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Question: As underbutler, what does Thomas do? I sometimes see him acting as valet or footman but not much as else. it is difficult to imagine that Carson would let him near the wine cellar.

    • Good question. Technically, he is a stand in for Carson in his absence but as Carson doesn’t seem to take any time off it IS rather hard to think what Thomas does!I think they had to promote him as he had been a valet and couldn’t go back down to being a footman, hence his job as underbutler. But there were very few left in 1924. I hope he does find enough to do – devil makes work for idle hands and all that… as if Thomas wasn’t mischievous enough!

  2. Will there be a book dedicated to the costumes and jewelry of Downton Abbey? I read somewhere that Michelle Dockery said her favorite piece of jewelry from the show was four leaf clover earrings, would love to see them and all the other pieces up close!

    • Hi Tammy – I am writing a wonderful huge book all about everything Downton, from all six series! No plans as yet for a special costume/jewellery book but it’s such a nice idea… Jessica x

    • Hi Diana – Do you mean season six? That’s the new season which will be out in 2016 in the USA and Canada. Yes, I’ll be in the USA a lot next year! Please do email my events director (gilly@jessicafellowes.com) for more details. Very best, Jessica x

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