As much of the recent press – that is interviews with me, reviews of the book etc – as I can muster.

The Mitford Murders

The Bookseller: Debut novel announcement, March 2017 (UK)

Downton Abbey: A Celebration and The Wit & Wisdom of Downton Abbey

Newport Library: Launch of The Witte Lectures, Jan 2016 [USA]
Bill Nigut Two Way Street Interview:
Chicago Tribune article, Jan 2016 [USA]
Daily Herald article, Jan 2016 [USA]
Book review, NJ Blog, Jan 2016 [USA]
Palm Springs Life interview, Jan 2016 [USA]
Readers Digest, Dec 2015 [USA]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Dec 2015 [USA], Dec 2015 [USA]
Movie Art Book, Dec 2015 [USA]
Interview, New York Daily News, Dec 2015 [USA]

A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey: 

Interview on the Break A Leg blog, July 2015 [UK] interview. Feb 2015 [USA]

KUAF, National Public Radio for Arkansas, Listen here. Feb 2015 [USA]

Houston Public Media, Manor of Speaking, Jan 2015 [USA]

Daily Mail Online, Jan 2015 [UK]

Conde Nast Traveler, Jan 2015 [USA]

Huffington Post, Lois Alter Mark Blog, Jan 2015 [USA]

San Jose Mercury News, Jan 2015 [USA]

SweetPaul Magazine, Dec 2014 [USA]

Interview with WNET, New York’s PBS station blog,, Dec 2014 [USA], feature on Thanksgiving recipes from favourite TV shows. Nov 2014 [USA]

Prima Magazine review, Nov 2014 [UK]

Terry Conway blog, Nov 2014 [USA]

Delaware Online, Nov 2014 [USA]

National Press Club report, Nov 2014 [USA]

Four star Heat Magazine review, Oct 2014 [UK]

CarterMatt review, Oct 2014 [USA]

The Lorraine Show, ITV, Sept 2014 [UK]

Interview, Oklahoma Magazine, Sept 2014 [USA]

Talk write-up, Tulsa World, Sept 2014 [USA]

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey:

BOE Magazine review of Cadogan Hotel Afternoon Tea and Downton talk, September 2013 [UK]

VIDEO: BBC TV Breakfast interview, July 2013 [UK]

Report by Palm Beach Daily News, June 2013 [US]

Interview for The Palm Beach Post, April 2013 [US]

Interview for The Miami Herald, April 2013 [US]

VIDEO: TV clip for WPBT2, February 2013 [US]

Review, Maple & Quill blog, February 2013 [US]

Review, American Profile Magazine, January 2013 [US]

Interview, Women’s Wear Daily, January 2013 [US]

Review, USA Today, December 2012 [US]

Interview, Elliott Review blog, December 2012 [US]

Event review, Daily Hey Now blog, December 2012 [US]

Interview, Huffington Post, December 2012 [US]

Interview, Christian Science Monitor, December 2012 [US]

Interview, radio, LiteraryNewEngland, December 2012 [US]

VIDEO: Youtube clip of an ‘in conversation’ with Carol Wallace at The Strand bookstore, New York, November 2012 [US] *apology – I had NO idea it was being filmed, hence back to the camera a lot and very, very bad cold beginning so a bit out of breath at times!!*

Interview, blog, December 2012 [US]

Review, Star Tribune, December 2012 [US]

Review, The Butler’s Closet blog, December 2012 [US]

VIDEO: TV interview, New York CBS Local, November 2012 [US]

Guardian newspaper, Simon Hoggart’s column, November 2012 [UK]

Event review, Mid Sussex Times, November 2012 [UK]

Review, Wired Magazine, November 2012 [UK]

Review, Basingstoke Gazette, November 2012 [UK]

Interview, Edwardian Promenade blog, November 2012 [US]

Event review of Cheltenham Literary Festival, on the Downton UK Tumbl’r site, November 2012 [UK]

Review, Express, September 2012 [UK]

Interview, BBC Berkshire, September 2012 [UK]

Online chat, Masterpiece blog, January 2012 [US]

The World of Downton Abbey: 

Review, Courier Journal, February 2013 [US]

Review, Austenprose blog, March 2012 [UK]

Review, Barnes & Noble, 2011 [US]

Review, Tulsa blog, 2011 [US]

Review, Kennebec Journal, 2011 [US]

Review, Washington Post, 2011 [US]

Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table: 

Review, Shoestring Splendour blog, August 2012 [UK]

Review, Rhoda Reviews blog, July 2012 [UK]

Review, Poshyarns blog, July 2012 [UK]

Mud and the City: Dos and Don’ts for Townies in the Country: 

Interview, Moving to the Country, Daily Telegraph, January 2013 [UK]

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